Sorting out information

If you have not checked your school email lately, last evening you received an email from Michelle Reid, our new superintendent.   We appreciate her attempt at transparency and keeping employees informed however we disagree with some of the points she is making.  We have our own budget analyst examining the proposed budget for 2013-14.  The bargaining team and I will be sending out more specific information to you soon on our blog.  Please share this site with those who want to know what we are saying and doing.

I encourage members to go to the next school board meeting August 21 at 6:00 at the District Office.  This will be our last opportunity to speak to the board before our August 26 General Membership Meeting at 4:30 pm.   At the General Membership Meeting we will hear from the bargaining team and will take a vote either to ratify the contract proposed by the bargaining team or if a recommendation of “Do not ratify” is received,  we will take a strike vote.

In the meantime, you have been invited to send questions to Michelle’s blog (on the front page of the SK Website). Please share your stories about class size and let her know you support your bargaining team in working with her to find a settlement that will keep our schools on sound and sustainable financial footing AND that will protect our students from higher class sizes.


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