A story problem and a bargaining update

A review of numbers or a story problem:

Last May, the district laid off 61.3 FTE. Another 47 FTE members resigned or retired. Add those to get 108.3 positions gone. The district recalled 41.6 FTE of the laid off teachers and hired 7.4 new positions. That totals 49 FTE. How many fewer teaching positions do we have going into this year?

IF you do the math, you’ll see that 108.3 FTE minus 49 FTE equals 59.3 fewer FTE teachers this year than we had teaching last year. It is an 11 percent reduction in the teaching staff.

Quick bargaining update

Our SKEA Bargaining Team negotiated, last night, through to about 7:30. There was some progress on evaluation language. No session scheduled for today, but they did add a session for Sunday afternoon. They may add another session late afternoon on Monday.

 Our team came out yesterday feeling frustrated with the lack of proposals from the district, but slightly hopeful that things might move forward in the coming days. The big issues, still, are class sizes and the fact that we believe with new monies coming from the state and levy monies – some $6.7 million – the district will have enough to build its reserve fund and protect our students from larger class sizes.

Plan on attending the Wednesday, Aug. 21 Board Meeting at the District Office at 6 p.m. and plan on attending our Aug. 26 General Membership Meeting at SKHS at 4:30 p.m. We’ll keep you updated.


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