Monday morning report

zazu2 As the Lion King’s Zazu said to Mufasa, “Good morning, Sire. Checking in with the morning report.” During many hours of bargaining yesterday afternoon and deep into the evening, our teams moved forward on getting clear and strong evaluation language into our contract. We are also are began discussing RIF language. We are moving in the right direction there, but we are not moving anywhere on our biggest sticking point, class sizes. While you may have read this story problem Saturday, let us reiterate for those just returning from a weekend away:

Last May, the district laid off 61.3 FTE. Another 47 FTE members resigned or retired. Add those to get 108.3 positions gone.

The district recalled 41.6 FTE of the laid off teachers and hired 7.4 new positions. That totals 49 FTE.

How many fewer teaching positions do we have this year? Show your work.

Answer:  108.3 FTE minus 49 FTE equals 59.3 fewer FTE teachers this year than we had teaching last year. Extra credit: It is an 11 percent reduction in the teaching staff.

Formal bargaining sessions schedule for Wednesday. Informal committee discussions may occur before Wednesday. Speaking of Wednesday, the Board Meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. at SKHS. Plan on attending (IN RED) and help let the School Board understand better the class size situation. Our General Membership meeting is a week from today at SKHS.

Our Bargaining Support Team will be meeting to keep planning for next steps. We’ll keep you posted. Thanks for reading.


One thought on “Monday morning report

  1. We CAN do something BEFORE the Monday vote to ratify or not — we CAN talk with the Board Wednesday at SKHS and get real bargaining and settlement to happen…BE THERE. Don’t be caught saying “well, I didn’t know what was going on” then gripe about how your class is so crowded and you don’t have room.

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