Time is ticking away

Our SKEA bargaining team has been at the district office all day today waiting. A mediator has been shuffling back and forth between teams. SKEA negotiators is saying what we have said from the very beginning:  The school board needs to give the district bargaining team an adequate amount of latitude so we can bargain decent class sizes for the students in our community. The district is arranging and rearranging the same inadequate number of positions but, let’s face it, when you cut ten percent of your teaching positions, it’s really hard to figure out a way to address over crowded classes and work to eliminate split classes.

  • Meanwhile, one of the bargaining team says he has more than one class with 37 students in his junior high math classes.
  • A junior high science teacher says he simply will not be able to stretch his already-limited lab materials even more to accommodate more students so they won’t be able to experience hands-on science.
  • One SKEA member measured some of the high school rooms and found that the fire code will not allow the number of desks being proposed for the classrooms.
  • The district is considering adding another split class at an elementary school – wrong direction.

We will continue to support our SKEA team as they fight to protect students from even larger class sizes. Check local newspapers, TV stations and KUOW radio for media coverage from yesterday and today. If you are an SKEA member, check your home email for other details.

We will continue to keep you posted.


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