Teachers share their numbers with community

Thank you to all SKEA members who shared their class sizes with the public this afternoon after their professional development day. A HUGE thanks, also, to the WEA Chorus, who sang while members marched from the high school down to Mile Hill Road. Elementary members took photos and shared them with the school board (see below for lots of photos). Media coverage was evident as members chanted, sang and walked their way to Mile Hill where they received lots of waves, honks and thumbs up from those driving by.

The district postponed bargaining for the day telling us they had not yet crafted a response to SKEA’s proposal from yesterday morning. We hope the district will soon be ready with a response by tomorrow.

ImageIMG_4344 IMG_4372 IMG_4406 IMG_4400 IMG_4409 IMG_4360 Media coverage came from above … the weather was balmy but SKEA members wanted to make the community aware of why they voted to go on strike after their contract expires at the end of August. Members made posters with their class size numbers on them and waved at those driving by.


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