We are in last place!!!

South Kitsap has the distinction of being in last place in class in three areas:

See the table below and then ask yourselves why we are fighting to protect our students from even HIGHER class sizes than we we already have.


  How does South Kitsap Compare in Class Size for High Schools?  
    Students per Teacher FTE Rank in Group    
  Comprehensive High Schools in Kitsap County        
  South Kitsap High School 35.02 7 LAST  
  Central Kitsap High School 30.91 1    
  Gig Harbor High School 31.38 2    
  Peninsula High School 32.49 4    
  Bremerton High School 34.58 6    
  Olympic High School  32.32 3    
  North Kitsap High School 33.39 5    
  Comprehensive  High Schools in Like Size Districts       
  (Bellingham, Snohomish, Mead, Olympia, Shoreline)      
  Bellingham High School 28.04 4    
  Sehome High School 27.88 3    
  Squalicum High School 28.81 5    
  Glacier Peak High School 33.18 8    
  Snohomish High School 33.84 9    
  Mead High School 27.16 2    
  Mt Spokane High School 25.56 1    
  Olympia High School 33.03 7    
  Capital High School 30.79 6    
  South Kitsap High School 35.02 10 LAST  
  Comprehensive High Schools in Districts with Significant Federal Workforce  
  (Puyallup, Clover Park, Richland)        
  John Rogers High School 32.93 6    
  Emerald Ridge High School 32.42 4    
  Puyallup High School 33.39 7    
  Clover Park High School 31.87 3    
  Lakes High School 32.85 5    
  Hanford High School 29.13 1    
  Richland High School 31.08 2    
  South Kitsap High School 35.02 8 LAST  
  Source:  Data from OSPI SAFS – District Allocation of State Resources    
      Certificated Data from OSPI Report S-275 as reported by individual districts  
      Enrollment Data from OSPI CEDARS as reported by individual districts    

Copy of SKEA class size comparison


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