This is what we sent out this evening:

PRESS ADVISORY Contact: Judy Arbogast, (253) 225-1977 (cell), (360) 871-4149 (office) skeapo@gmail.com or judy.arbogast@gmail.com


SKEA negotiators report that they have reached a tentative agreement with the district. Members will meet Tuesday, Sept. 3 at 9 a.m. at South Kitsap High School to hear from the negotiating team and to vote on whether or not to agree to the contract. “We are happy to finally have a tentative agreement that makes real progress toward smaller class sizes,” SKEA President John Richardson says. “We thank the community for their support and look forward to our meeting on Tuesday.”


4 thoughts on “TA

  1. I am receiving many emails with that same and similar thoughts. Thank you so much to our bargaining team members who have been working “off the clock” all summer.

  2. Thank you to all who have been spreading the word about our class size issues. This includes teachers, PARENTS, students, and other community members. We all have a stake in the education of our students who are the future citizens and decision makers in our communities as they spread their wings after high school. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

  3. How can the district send out a robo call telling all parents that school is starting the 4th if we haven’t even voted? How can the district reduce class sizes by the 4th?

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